Polymorphic: A Kinetic Installation

Polymorphic is a fascinating kinetic installation designed and produced by ten architecture students from Columbia University GSAPP in New York City. The installation was created within Fast Pace/Slow Space, a course taught by Brigette Borders and Mark Bearak.





Polymorphic is a kinetic installation utilizing an innovative design and engineering solution inspired by the simple kinetic action of a see-saw and the reverberating motion of a Slinky. The design is comprised of a double-sided bench which transforms through a series of 119 unique and interconnected sections into a chaise lounge and finally an interactive balance board.



While the overall form of the bench is realized as a continuous landscape, each seating condition was designed according to existing ergonomic profiles in order to maximize comfort and functionality.
At its core, the design of the installation is not only an inventive solution to a design idea, but also a test of the limits and capabilities of digital fabrication and its role in advancing architectural and industrial design practices.
The design of Polymorphic was inherently sustainable, due to the financial constraint of a $1000 budget. In total, the entire installation only used 18 sheets of plywood, which were utilized at over 90% efficiency.



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