Praise of 40 Years With a “Container”

We wrote previously that Delta Mobilya, operating on office funishings for many years, has turned the historical building in Kuruçeşme which is dated to the Genoese into an amazing furniture shop called Nicol, full of exlusive designs.

We have arranged an interview withAziz Sarıyer in Kuruçeşme in his 40th year of art life. We talked about his product exhibition that he designed for Nicol which has been established in a historical sense by Ayşe Nur Yılmaz& Adem Yılmaz

Architecture of Life: Could you tell us about the main points of the collection you designed exclusively for Nicol?

Aziz Sarıyer:The collection has 12 pieces and they were named as from”asc1″ to”asc12″. The designs have become a summary of my 8 years of work gathered on a common basis. Actually I considered the pieces of Container collection as the correspondences of protection and display units such as cabinet, shelf and show window. What’s inside them is the description of owner’s identity, personality and spirit in a sense. They also contribute to the meaning of the environment they are present at with their forms. And I wanted to turn this significant volume into a collection of series by transforming it with my own expression.

Architecture of Life: Which materials did you prefer mainly?

Aziz Sarıyer: Each one of the designs making up the Container series were exhibited in white color in their prototype form. They were mostly produced with mdf, corian and glass tablets. The products which seem to be demanded will be handled again by me and we will achieve special material, texture and colors on the request of clients.

Architecture of Life: Has the items been produced in a limited number?

Aziz Sarıyer: 12 items will be produced for each one of 12 designs of Container collection. Each will have a certificate with a unique number.

Architecture of Life: I see. What about the formal approach in your designs?

Aziz Sarıyer:It’s clear that; behind the simple and plain designs, I look after sensitive balances within the elements that form them. In my works, I pursue forms which are at peace with the idea’s itself, pouring oil on troubled waters.

Architecture of Life: How would you express your impression of your design exhibition in Nicol?

Aziz Sarıyer: I was planning to do something with the Container project which I had completed long before. The project was put into practice thanks to the need of a Limited Edition collection within the company of Nicol. It’s quite common since a long time in developed countries to create and exhibit furnishing collection that are produced as limited editions. I consider practicing this limited edition project for the first time as a significant step to improve myself and the sector in our country.

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