Private House IV; Nice as Dreams

This nice house is located on a corner lot in the typical district ‘de Elzent’ against the natural landscape of the Dommel valley, in the center of Eindhoven.


The transparent addition to the house is a continuation of an earlier expansion with thin floating concrete eaves. These overhangs give a balanced picture and give the garden an intimate character, allowing the spaces seamlessly to blend. 


The sight lines are important because they create separate spaces like a study niche, a lowered seating area with wide windowsills and a hanging fireplace. 


It is understood that details are paid attention by the roof lights, (curved) walls, steps, floor heating and cooling ceiling, acoustic panels and lighting are seamlessly concealed and determine the character of the area.


Architect: De Bever Architecten

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Program: Extension and renovation private dwelling including outdoor pool
Construction engineer : Archimedes bouwadvies, Eindhoven
Contractor: Burgtbouw, Deurne
Glassrealisation: Si-X, Benthuizen
Images : Norbert van Onna, Eindhoven


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