Product of the year by Pro K

Pro-K  is the German industrial association for semi-finished products and consumer goods made of plastics.

Every year, Pro-K arranges the competition “product of the year”. The aim is to show the versatility of plastics and how different types of plastic can be combined with each other or with other materials improving the product’s usability and stability.

Plastics have become a crucial key to realising impressive product novelties. This competition dignifies ingenuity and innovation and further raises our awareness of the dazzling array and potential of plastics.

An independent jury composed of experts (e.g. specialist press, scientists, representatives of other product-testing organisations) elects 18 award-winning products. The jury looks for especially clever and convincing product ideas in several categories (indoor, outdoor, stationery, electric appliances etc.). Thoroughly tested for functionality, innovation and product design, the most outstanding products are crowned“product of the year”.

The award-winning products are exhibited at the trade fair Ambiente  – the world’s most important event for the consumer-goods sector in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Further, the winners of the“product of the year” competition can be nominated by the German Design Council for the German Design Award.

All producers of plastic products, who distribute their products on the German market, are entitled to enter the“product of the year” competition. Furthermore, plastic has to be the essential element of the product and the submitted product should not have been on the market for more than one year.

Registering for the“product of the year 2013” competition will be possible from 1st June 2012 until 30th October 2012. In June, the registration form will be online .

You could find some of the award-wining products below… And for all awarded products use the link .


Material: TPE/ PP
Design: Atelier Papenfuss Weimar
Producer: Schneider


Material: K-Resin SBC
Design: Neue Freunde Fellehner/ Rosenbohm GbR
Producer: Scheurich GmbH& Co KG


Material: PS
Design: A.W. Faber Castell Vertrieb GmbH, Johannes Papenfuss
Producer: A.W. Faber Castell Vertrieb GmbH


Material: SAN/ Raplan
Design: Cairn Young, London
Producer: Koziol, ideas for friends GmbH

Uvex i-3

Material: PC/ PC-TPU/ PA
Design: Uvex Arbeitsschutz GmbH
Producer: Uvex Arbeitsschutz GmbH

Flow Friends

Material: SAN
Design: Razorbite/ Mike Ellams, London
Producer: EMSA GmbH

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