Professional in the kitchen

Developed in professional kitchens and carefully adapted to the needs of private chefs, the GROHE K7kitchen faucet offers unmatched functionality. It combines aesthetic design and excellent user comfort with smart features and high-quality finishing in a kitchen faucet which leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you choose the mechanically controlled or the digitally controlled version, day-to-day kitchen chores have never been more fun.

Whatever needs to be done, K7 is always up to the job. These robust and highly functional faucets do not shy comparison with their fully professional counterparts in large commercial kitchens. The modular system offers optimal solutions for any requirements. Both the variant with the professional spray and the other K7 faucets are available in a variety of versions for one-hole and two-hole installation with or without side spray. The mechanical and the digital faucet score top points both in terms of engineering and style. Their minimalist architectural design results from a perfect fusion of form and function.

It’s extensible professional spray swivels 360 degrees and can be operated single-handedly for absolute freedom of movement at the largest possible range.
Marking the beginning of a new era in kitchen faucets, the K7 F-digital is spelt with a capital “F” as in “freedom” and “flexibility”. Its Digital Controller takes convenience and functionality to all new heights. This compact remote control can be placed anywhere around the sink area and offers finger-tip control of the water flow. While the plus and minus buttons serve to set the water temperature, the exterior dial controls the flow rate. A coloured LED ring gives visual feedback on the water temperature.

Another convenient feature is the “Pause” function which stops and resumes the flow without needing to readjust the flow rate and the temperature – this saves water and energy while cleaning pots and plates. In addition, users can store the most frequently required combination of water temperature and flow rate and activate it whenever needed. Last but not least, an automatic shut-off function can be configured so as to fill the sink with water automatically and then switch off.

K7 and K7 F – digital from Grohe K7– the future of water delivery is ready for today’s stylish kitchens.

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