Project Lamp by Olivetti

Do you remember the pear shaped classic lamps that we used to use in our living spaces in the past? We also used those lamps in cartoons when we want to show a new idea. The Project Lamp by Francesco Olivetti is a nice and warm design. Here is the description from the designer:

“I realized this lamp for a school project, the concept consists a pear bulb like the old incadescent light, almost removed from the market.

The lamp is done by more layers; I used two plywood sheets (for the prototype in the picture)with the size of 50×30 cut with laser machine than assembled together with adhesive resin.

The light is projected on the wall behind the lamp, and it diffuses agreeably in the ambience.”

We highly recommend you to watch the video about Project Lamp and visit the Instagram page of Francesco Olivetti.

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