Put The Volcano In The House…

A design bringing light, colour, style and difference in a place: Etna candle holders. At the top are curves which evoke lava flows gliding down the slope of a volcano.


Giant Etna candle holders, made from solid pine wood creates a unique ambiance by its natural colours and simplicity of wood. This collection is available in three different sizes(1.150 mm, 950 mm ve 800 mm) and in a six colour palette.

Woodendot_Etna_07 Woodendot_Etna_05 Woodendot_Etna_04 Woodendot_Etna_08

Etna Mini Candle Holders

Etna Mini Collection is considered to be used on the objects like tables. They have conical shapes made of solid pine wood like Etna candle holders and are available in three different sizes and in a six colour palette.


Etna and Etna Mini Candle Holders can be great presents. Attention: you can change your mind easily and put them in your house instead of giving as a present!

Woodendot_EtnaMini_05 Woodendot_EtnaMini_04 Woodendot_EtnaMini_03 Woodendot_EtnaMini_01

Design: María J. Vargas & Daniel García

Images: www.danielgarciasanchez.com

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