“Ramp House” by GAD Architecture

“Ramp House” which is described as the new interpretation of the old and is inspired byMausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus– one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, is one of the A plus projects of GAD in Bodrum.

Instead of the usual villa type houses of Bodrum, an innovative and flexible approach was targeted in the design of this building that was inspired by the 3000 years history of Bodrum.Multifunctional roof system that curves around to the topography, adjacent swimming pool and the large courtyard are some examples of this approach…

The ramp of this building that is placed in a 400 m2 area on a hill has a fibro cement covered steel nucleus. The intersecting flooring-roof-ramp shafts of the building are shaped specially depending on the structure of the topography.

While an additional courtyard with an expansive bay view for recreational use is realized with this ramp that streches to the shifting topography with a rolling landscape, also an additional functional usage property is provided for the swimming pool courtyard. Furthermore, – again with the idea of saving space – different and ideal solutions are provided in the project by designing the roof as a parking space.

Another difference of the project is the additional room in the design that is sufficiently large enough to allow a motorbike enthusiast to park his collection.

Ramp House, which provides us with an“open house” and a beautiful natural environment with its design and is defined as the modern interpretation of the old, is getting ready to be one of A plus building complexes of Bodrum that answers many needs.

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