Rapoxy; The Future Of The Wallpaper

With Rapoxy now you can take the floor up with the wallpaper. RAPOXY is a glass-like, high-gloss, highly-resistant coating composition for floors covered with Rasch wallpapers. Using RAPOXY-coated floors, architectonic limits become a thing of the past as room walls and floors blend into each other, and rooms are suffused with new visual and haptic qualities.

This product innovation gives Rasch wallpapers a new dimension, and, due to its countless possibilities and advantages, distances itself from other floors of its class.

RAPOXY – a joint-free floor on which every owner can let their creativity run free. Using digital printing, Rasch’s diverse range and your own creative capabilities, floors and whole rooms can become an absolute highlight with RAPOXY.

The wallpaper can invade each dimension of design thanks to this innovative product from the designer Markus Benesch which was presented by Jannelli& Volpi in the Zona Tortona Design at the Cortile of Ex Ansaldo in April.

This method of decoration can be applied by the JV Store’s specialized teams at Nisantasi, using imported Rapoxy material with the wallpapers sold at the store.

JV Store, Vali Konagi Cad. Mim Kemal Apt. No: 72/A, Nisantasi

(+90 212)241 34 24

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