RayFish Footwear offers: Grow Your Own Sneaker

Rayfish Footwear, creating handcrafted shoes from stingray leather for over a decade by raising stingrays in their Thai aquaculture facility, has announced In 2011 that they have successfully engineered their first fully bio-customized stingray. Which means you can fully customize your own shoe of geneticly mutated stingray on company’s website…

A pair of Rayfish sneakers starts at $14,800, which includes custom DNA manipulation and raising the fish to maturity.

Even though they look fashonable and beautiful, shouldn’t we ask ourselves some questions about our humane feelings? Is that our right to act like a god in the name of fashion and our personel satisfaction, just because we can?
And what if this will become a hit idea as the company has predicted and hoped for? As humans, since we are superior to those animals, should we have the right to produce mutated animals as much as it’s profitable or for only pleasure?

Ceo of the company has announced that; raising the stingrays to maturity will be in a “humane” (per Rayfish) aquaculture facility in Chon Buri, and will be shipping them to any address on the entire globe. The entire process takes about 6-8 months starting with growing the specimen according to their ‘one fish, one shoe’ policy.

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