Renk Kralicesi Tricia Guild’den Ilham Alin…


Colors are essential in our decisions about decoration, design or style and their impact is different with every person. But now it’s time to remove strict stylistic rules. Let your walls and curtains get inspired by the nature and experience the true colors of life.

Designers Guild formed byTricia Guild, which knows no bounds on fabrics and wallpapers with brave colors and characteristic floral textures, continues to do miracles. It was established in 1970 and its exclusive designs have been cheering up both our homes and souls

Designers Guild is considered as a lifestyle rather than a brand in many countries and its fame has grown like Topsy. Designs of Designers Guild, today, is coloring up rooms of our houses. Besides fabrics and wallpapers, bedspreads, furniture designs, stationary stuff and even cosmetic products are among its collection.

The brand, distributed by Homteks in Turkey, makes it even more difficult for design lovers to choose among floral and geometric textures, striped fabrics and wallpaper alternatives. Begin with choosing your color tone and let the color and courage surround your home.

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