Renovation of Sant Francesc by David Closes

The Sant Francesc convent was built in the early 18th century by Franciscan priests, located in the small Catalan town of Santpedor, Spain. The convent was sacked in 1835, only the church remained standing in time.

The project was aimed to convert the Church into an auditorium and a multifunctional cultural facility.

Based on the process of ruination as a new modelling path, the use of contemporary language in the new elements introduced in the intervention.

The new design volumes inserted (as vertical accesses or technical equipment) have been located partially outside of the church to preserve the inner space and unity of the nave. In addition, the new stairs and ramps provide an unwonted circular route across the building with amazing and diverse views.

The intervention (by the architect David Closes) preserves the historical heritage of the building and simultaneously adds new values which highlight and singularize the ancient church in a contemporary way.

Photography by: Jordi Surroca

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