Residence of Tranquility: Villa Veth

Hattem, The Netherlands

Liong Lie/ 123DV Architects

Design Team:
Berry van Empel, Andrea Sollazzo, Robin Rook

475 m² floor surface, 6000 m² land

Living areas:
living and dining room with open kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 2 study rooms, TV room, piano room.

Christiaan de Bruijne

AOL_Villa Veth_6

Villa Veth is a modern, customized villa, a private residence for a family of four. It is situated on a large parcel of land by a forest near the idyllic town of Hattem in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

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The house looks sleek and abstract on the outside, but has a warm and cozy interior.

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The ground floor and principal living area of the two-storey residence is divided into two. On one side are the master bedroom and two kids’ bedrooms plus two small studios. The other half of the floor plan is taken up by an open-concept living area that includes the kitchen, dining and living spaces. The furniture in the living room is all custom designed. The kitchen, storage space, fireplace, piano and audio equipment form an integral part of the wall unit.

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