An exhibition dedicated to the work of British architect Richard Rogers; “Richard Rogers Inside Out”

Royal ACademy of Art in London demonstrates us the life and architecture perspective of famous architect Richard Rogers with “Richard Rogers Inside Out”

British architect Richard Rogers,who was born in Italy in 1933 is an architect handling the indoors functions at first with a modern and functionalist approach. The postmodern building Pompidou Center in Paris designed by Rogers and his partner Italian architect Renzo Piano by using high technology in terms of air-condition, heating, stairs etc.  is one of the most known and important works of him.

Pompidou Center
Pompidou Center

There are remarkable results from the interview published at with Rogers,who celebrated his 80th birthday a few days ago. It is possible to find details from his architectural perspective to world famous works. We-Architecture of Life team- garnered the important points of this interview for you.

Rogers indicates that not simple architectural works, but  his life and architectural perspectives are seen  at this exhibition because he was asked to prepare an exhibition to bring out his whole life by Royal Academy of Life.


Rogers explains the theme of the exhibition which will be held between 18th July and 13rd November at Royal Academy of Arts Building by saying “Our mission is not only to fulfil a single client’s wishes but also to fulfil our responsibility to society”

centre-pompidou-RICHARD ROGER-RA-02

Rogers adopting ‘social responsibility’ as the main theme of architecture utters why he believes that a building should be constructed not for a single customer but for the society. He also explains that it is very important for them to espouse ‘art for society’ more than ‘art for art’s sake’.

Richard Rogers. Photo: copyright Dezeen
Richard Rogers. Photo: copyright Dezeen

There are some quotations leading Rogers in terms of creating his life perspective and some personal properties at the exhibition. He explains the doubts about his architectural skills and studentship – he had been an appalling student during his life because he had been suffering from dyslexia. He also shares report cards and illnes reports at the exhibition.

The sale of the house is as interesting as the exhibition! More…

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