Romboidale Bookshelf

How much functional a Bookshelf can be? Is it possible for it to be elegant, simple and have artistic value besides it being functional?

The more you ask questions to designs, the better they are able to be created; each question is a step to lead to the top in terms of creating attractive and functional designs. Great expectations will help the designers do their best.

aol-romboidale-bookshelf-pietro-russo (1)

According to us, Pietro Russo must have asked too many questions while designing Romboidale Bookshelf; it is a beautiful, elegant and very functional design.

Library creates a light division between two space ambients. The romb vertical structures with shelves and opposed crosspieces, forms the construction solution and geometric harmony.

Structure are made of iron painted in black and crosspieces in brushed brass. The shelves are in Walnut canaletto wood veneer.

aol-romboidale-bookshelf-pietro-russo (3) aol-romboidale-bookshelf-pietro-russo (2)

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