Routes of our lives

As you may know, PBS is a worldwide famous TV chanel with their extraordinary documentaries. And their latest show, the America Revealed, shows America (and as also every country) as it has never been seen before!

As Architecture of Life, we would like to share these stunning CGI images with you. The reveal what a nation looks like from the skies while transporting, communicating with each other, trading, traveling, sharing, powering up and to sum all it up, how we live on this planet on daily basis…


Way of the dead: These lines show the unpublicised transportation of dead bodies.

Take look at the Florida, which is the U.S.’s retirement mecca!


GPS trails show us the routes taken by cycling pizza delivery riders at a Friday night in Manhattan.

Each shift of a delivery rider lasts 8 to 9 hours, in which time they deliver between 30 – 40 pizzas all over the city!


The U.S. exports beef on a vast scale to the rest of the world. It also imports $86billion worth of food.

This image shows what comes in and what goes out, in terms of food, just for U.S.


U.S. has a population of over 312million people with covering 3.79million square miles!

As the world’s third largest country by both population and land area, that distribution is just like this!


It is a flight data for the 50,000 planes that carry 2million passengers…daily!

It shows us how airways connect every corner of the country. Look at the major airport hubs!


The famous morning rush hour of New York city!

Detailed by the pathways ferries (orange), commuter rail, (green purple and red) and bus services (blue)


One more CGI image for fast food… These are truck movements supplying Domino’s Pizza network.

It shows how pizza customers in Manhattan are fed ingredients supplied via a supply hub in Connecticut.


They say the U.S. electricity seen as never before. Until now!

Look the cities connected through a vast network… Unbelievable!


And one of the biggest challenges of the new world… Unemployment.

The distribution of job losses in the U.S… Stunning!


The vast array of towers across the U.S…

That enable almost anyone to communicate or connect to the internet, wirelessly… Like cogs, aren’t they?!

Let’s take a look to the part of the show over piza delivery!

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