Running silent running deep

From the fresh coasts of Ireland,  OpenHydro is a technology business that designs and manufactures marine turbines to generate renewable energy from tidal streams. Harvesting the energy by deploying farms of tidal turbines under the world’s oceans, silently and invisibly, their vision is to generate electricity at no cost to the environment. And they recently announced major projects in both Europe and North America which are The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in the Orkney Islands (Scotland), Alderney Renewable Energy (ARE) in Channel Islands (France) and the Nova Scotia Power in Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia (Canada).


The electricity produced is completely renewable since it relies on tides that are created by the gravitational effect of the sun and moon.By the help of these future farms, OpenHydro wants to proceed one more step to the estimation of”If less than 0.1% of the energy available in the oceans could be captured and converted into electricity, it would satisfy the present global demand for energy more than five times over” which was told in UK Marine Foresight Panel.

OpenHydro estimates that the value of energy produced from the world’s identified tidal resources should exceed €16 billion per year. They believe the ultimate renewable solution will depend on a blend of renewable technologies such as tidal, wind, wave and solar working together. Tidal will play a significant part in this mix given the predictable nature of the energy and the size of the resource. For instance, the water is 830 times denser than air meaning that, for a given electricity output, tidal turbines can be much smaller than equivalent wind turbines. Or to be more realistic, they tested that the first 6m test unit produces enough energy to supply 150 average European homes and save the emission of over 450 tonnes of CO2 greenhouse gas each year.
Maybe not fair enough to recover all this damage that we’ve given through out these decades but it sure is a giant to step go forward!

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