Russian Flying Saucer – EKIP

This “Russian UFO” is called EKIP. Or let’s describe as they did: “An aerodynamic ground-effect craft”. EKIP is a flying amphibian vehicle. It has the efficiency and the ability to overcome great distances with a big load aboard. Based on a number of original engineering ideas, it is environmental friendly and safe. But unfortunately, the project EKIP has not been implemented yet due to the lack of funding.


Because of its unique style and appearance, EKIP does not seem like or resemble any other plane. Yes, we cannot see no wings because EKIP is one big wing itself. Its disk-shaped fuselage has the function like a wing. Another remarkable feature of EKIP is that there should not be any runways around! It is able to land and take off from any surface of water, soil and ice. The key is the ‘air cushion’ that can be generated by turbojet engines with an ability to change the vector of the nozzles.


There is a vast space inside due to the enlarged central part. This feature also allows to increase the capacity of fuel tanks. EKIP can use special types of fuel. As the authors of the project affirm, this special vehicle can fly on natural gas, kerosene or even some mixtures of water and gasoline. It is also said that EKIP can transport heavy loads and many people around 100.

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