S_House by Glamuzina Paterson Architects

By contrast with the standard suburban houses’ front and back gardens, S_House presents multiple landscapes by its situation among the gardens.


Designed for a family of five, the house differs from a standard villa with its compact form. The parts of the house taking its “S_House” name from its form are across a singular spine corridor which expands and contracts spatially as the house mediates the site, creating the contradictory east native garden and the west exotic sculpted garden.


Stained cedar clads the exterior of the house while the internal palette is black and white.

aol-glamuzina-paterson-architects-shouse-03 aol-glamuzina-paterson-architects-shouse-05 aol-glamuzina-paterson-architects-shouse-06

Photographs © Patrick Reynolds

Project: S_House

Location: Auckland

Design: Glamuzina Paterson Architects

aol-glamuzina-paterson-architects-shouse-04 aol-glamuzina-paterson-architects-shouse-07 aol-glamuzina-paterson-architects-shouse-08

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