Satsuki Ohata’s Fondue Slippers

Maybe the title is a bit disturbing but don’t worry! It is just a simile!

As it is known, fondue is a national meal made from cheese- a snack which has been a source of aesthetic influence for Ohata. The designer has formed the ‘fondue slipper’, a pair of shoes which perfectly match the shape of the wearer’s foot by casting a quick-drying liquid mold of their feet.

‘Fondue Slipper’ can be worn both inside and outside, and it is very easy to make with its special kit. Foundue slippers have got vivid and bright colours and you can totally individualize your own slippers by drawing or painting.

aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-01 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-02 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-03 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-05 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-06 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-07 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-08 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-09 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-10 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-11 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-12 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-13 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-14 aol-satsuki-ohata-fondue-slippers-15

Images: Satsuki Ohata

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