Scarpetta Dining Pavilion by gh3 and II BY IV Design

II BY IV Design Associates and gh3 have designed a dining pavilion for the Scarpetta restaurant in Toronto, Canada.

The restaurant pavilion is located on the green environment, on a public park framed by The Thompson Hotel. Set within a black geometric pergola (designed by partnering firm gh3) that defines the lounge area both vertically and horizontally, II BY IV Design Associates created a dining space with clean lines, a place where guests can enjoy full bar service and meals from a menu uniquely designed for the pavilion by the first international expansion of famed New York restaurant Scarpetta.

The restaurant is parallel to the linear reflective pool. Chrome chairs and stools are paired to match the different heights of the custom designed table which is capped by a mirror finished chrome bar and hostess station which exaggerate the reflective quality of the water.

Although currently a seasonal space, the pavilion was designed to embrace winter entertaining via its all-weather permanent furnishings and reflective pool which doubles as an ice rink.

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