Scented Jewelry Boxes

The Endangered by Singapore-based design studio Trigger Design Studio is a range jewelry box collection visualizes endangered animals with unique scents, it emphasizes the importance of cherishing moments. Created in collaboration with AllSense scent lab – that engage users’ personal emotions and memories. Half function, half sculpture, the functional pieces use abstracted forms and distinctive features of each animal to create a bold, recognizable visual.

aol-endangered-trigger-design-studio (1)

Materials and textures are carefully paired in order to express each animal’s character.In addition to their physical presence and distinct scents, a wind-up key produces a memorable piece of music for each.



Elephant; expressed using gentle white ceramic, finished with rose gold accents. Scent: white tea fig by Allsense Scent Lab.



Deer uses soft to the touch, tiled pattern with chrome gold. Scent: green clover by Allsense Scent Lab



Rhino understated black chrome on cracked cement represents the tame & tough rhino. Scent: sierra by Allsense Scent Lab



Tiger utilizes wood and bright chrome gold to depict its courageous and wild identity. Scent: zanzibar mist by Allsense Scent Lab

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