Science is Sexy

Featured with the science, the products and the artworks with a sense of humor can drive the society through various ways and endless roads. As much as the laughter and joy, later, the reader or the listener can venture forth to the depths of the subject by researching the facts and people who affiliated with the theme itself.

But first, the artist should do the math to serve for a greater good… Just like this one!

As a humble modeler in Lucasfilm feature Singapore, Joey Zhang wanted to make an old guy who tired of those boring laboratory and Physics arguments and finally try to start his brand new life… Later, to strenghten the idea and in order to understand his thinking, he took a lot of time to read the story of the one of a kind scientist,  Albert Einstein whom he took as a role model for his latest work. And he was well done with that!

From the badges on his jacket to his tatoos and style, this artwork consists a lot of detail and story. But how about the creation process? Well, it was a little bit complicated but well disciplined. First, he used Maya to make base model. Then he spent time in Zbush for the tiny detail and used the mental ray in Maya for final render. And for the last touch, he used Photoshop to composite the whole piece.

And finaly, we have this: An amazing and disciplined artwork with a sense of humor and a history behind it…


Hope you like it too…
You can contact the artist by his e-mail, and see his work much bigger and detailed in here!

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