Sebastian Errazuriz Gives Life To Dead Trees

The collection of tree branches designed by Sebastian Errazuriz consists of 100% natural and sophisticated pieces of furniture. The designer believing the mystery of nature creates mystical and elegant pieces of furniture.

Tree Coffee Table

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The Tree Table created by New York based artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz, proposes that no matter how beautiful or sophisticated our furniture designs might be, the shapes can be find in nature are often more mysterious and intriguing. Rescuing fallen, dead native trees from forests in South America, Sebastian Errazuriz twists and readapts their branches so they can find a new life as sculptural and functional pieces.

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Metamorphosis Shelf

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Created in collaboration with Horm, Metamorphosis Shelf is hand carved following organic designs of crawling Ivy. Metamorphosis is an attempt by the artist to recreate the great old ivy that grew on his childhood home. At the time he and his brothers would use the thick branches that ran next to the wall as a natural shelf to store their garden toys.

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Bilbao Tree Shelf

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Bilbao receives its name from the street in Santiago where the artist found a branch that had broken off a fallen tree. The branch was taken to the workshop and twisted, turned, and readapted so it could hug a flat wall and live a new life as a shelf. The shelf is part of the tree series, which attempts to let the natural forms found in nature dictate the majority of design.

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aol-sebastian-errazuriz-bilbao-tree-shelf (4)

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