Second in Izmir Opera House Competition: “THE ROCK”

The Rock, designed by DB Architecture Office, was placed in second in Izmir Opera House competition.

The design which was created unique to Aegean and Izmir, was inspired by three pebble stones.

The geography of Aegean tells us the story of water and land.  The sea sometimes reaches the shore, and sometimes wraps the land to create islands. The wind blows through the vertical corridors of waterways. This poetic nature changes the human as well. Izmir is different.

Along the unique coastline of Izmir Gulf are big, white pebbles. Izmir Opera House is a symbolic expression of this region. Designed as a permeable mesh, the pores on the shell manages the relation of inner and outer space by changing their frequency. These pores become far from each other and smaller to break off the relation with outer space and to isolate the interior. The building which seems like a solid rock from a distance becomes transparent and strengthens the relationship between the inner and outer space as you get closer. Transparent front of the lounge and the roof terrace are directed towards Izmir Gulf.

The promenade which connects the building with sea and city goes through pieces of opera house. Opera House creates a focal point between the new residential area, Mavişehir and the old Karşıyaka region.

A pier and port is proposed with the emphasis on sea access in landscape design which begins from the shore. Parking area on the shore is shifted near the road and green park area is expanded; in company with the topography enlivened along the both sides of promenade, amphitheaters, cafes and activity areas, the park reaches the Opera Square.

In a sense, Izmir Opera House is the expression of archaic spirit of planning with a universal language. Just as footprints in the sand on which Plato produced many ideas, and just as those who continue their existence with the traces they left on history, Opera House bears the traces of great ancient cultures which lived on the same ground.

Opera Building and the shared lounges of Small Hall are located on the -5.50 elevation where the promenade meets Opera Square. The water around the building is reflected on the ceiling and walls of main lounge which is accessed by a bridge. -5.50 elevation connects every unit to each other and to parking and service entrances.

The promenade reaches the square, rises with a ramp by the lounge entrance and turns into a platform which connects Opera Square with back-square and streets. This platform which is fragmented by water carries three structures: Opera Building, Small Hall and Administrative Building. Opera lives in these three buildings. Each one has independent entrances. Buildings are interconnected on -5.50 elevation, while Opera Building and Administrative Building is connected to each other with a bridge on +18.50 elevation.

Urban spaces formed as a result of the composition of structures acts as public cultural activity areas. Several places such as building entrances (lounges), escalators for parking garage, bookstore, cafe and exhibition halls are located on the elevation of this space -promenade. Shady area over the urban space by the structures enables open-air activities in the hot climate of Izmir. Water around the building and sea breeze provides natural air-conditioning for both side streets and interior spaces with porous fronts.

Izmir Opera House aims to become an exclusive living area for İzmir which meets the urbanites with the city and themselves

Details of other projects placed in Izmir Opera House Competition:


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