SEEing is believing

Designed by Dinard José da Mata Filho, the SEE is a concept project of a shopping assistant for the people with visual impairments. This simple but talented bracelet is equipped with a Bluetooth headphone system that allows the user to scan bar-code of a product directly from their bracelet and receive a real-time audio information about the product at hand.

These contained real-time information are the price, technical data and the product options like color, ingredient etc. This system also make the comparison of the prices and specifications easier and faster.

Just like the Less is More precept as said by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the SEE is an ingenious and helpful device with its minimal form and ease of use. Besides the SEE, The designer Dinard José da Mata Filho has lots of product designs too. You can visit his official website in here!

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