Selected Designs of Jarosinski & Vaugoin


What about the selected designs of Jarosinski&Vaugoin? Great tableware, silver designs, jewelery and gifts… Here is a great collection that we prepared just for you… Hope you will love it…


Table Silverware


A festively decorated table is the calling card of a host. It symbolizes good taste and  reflects the host’s personality, which is also defined by the selection of exquisite table accessories.  The genuine silver table ware repertoire by Jarosinski & Vaugoin ranges from candle sticks, chafing dishes and tiered trays up to plates,  serving trays and cups. Baroque and classic shapes as well as modern designs are available. The emphasis is not only on the  aesthetic aspect, but on daily use and practical requirements. The main priority is the  continuous optimization of quality.



Jarosinkis & Vaugoin not only specializes in decorating dinner tables, but also adorns people with  the finest accessories. This includes massive bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, watch chains and charms.  Of course this jewelry is available in various designs, tailored to taste and personality.

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A special occasion requires a special gift. Taste and quality play an important role.  Both of these characteristics are combined and complement each other in the production of each piece.  Jarosinski & Vaugoin manufactures gift items for each event and every occasion, ranging from cigarette cases over  money clips and up to picture frames. The motto: Chacun à son goût

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