She explores the limits of material: Anne Boenisch

Anne Boenisch worked as a carpenter at the University of visual Arts in Braunschweig, before she started my product design studies in Potsdam. During her studies the young designer co-founded the designgroup Erstererster  in Berlin. In addition, she realized various design projects and exhibitions in Milan and Berlin. Her works were also shown in Tokyo, Seoul, Tapei and Taiwan.

She is focused on high-quality everyday products and interior designs, combining practical use with charm. Since 2011, she is working as an independent product designer in Berlin.

What motivates you?

Sport, travelling, curiosity, friends, family, goals, kinetic objects, dreams, manufacturing processes, waves, independence …

You mostly use aluminium material, is there any reason? Maybe you could inform us about your Myria project, which has been nominated to the Designpreis Deutschland?

I use a lot of different kinds of metals and also other materials. The materials, I chose, become an inspiration for designing new products. I developed Myria at university, it was a design course, called“metal”. In this course, we analyze the process of the material. The idea of moving and size changing was very interesting for me and therefore I was experimenting a lot with structures and kinetic elements. Myria is a practical, charming and playful product, that’s why, people like it. Myria is produced by Carl Mertens.

What about Flake lighting?

I was very fascinated by the manufacturing method of Styrofoam, therefore I’m interested in using the material, which I had information about, for different functions. The form I designed contrasts with the lightness of the material. Otherwise, the effect is increased when the light is turned on, underlining the form’s sharp-edged lines.

Another lighting, Karat is a great lighting which I would like to have. How was the design process?

Karat is definitely the brother of Flake. When I was working with polygon lighting bodies, I tried to place the negative form of Flake and at that time, I designed Karat!
I decided to use aluminium. For me, the difference of material, is an opportunity to experience new requirements.

In Motion and Plissee, you care about space efficiency…

Motion and Plissee are part of my diploma project.The subject was Transformer– Changing Objects. My lighting Astral is also one of the products I was developing therefore. I was working a lot with kinetic elements in that period of time. Mobile, flexible and versatile furniture have a long tradition. They break through traditional, fixed processes and bring new expression. It was a really interesting and experimental debate.

Is there any project or exhibition?

Milan was an exciting and successful experience for me and I am looking forward to push things on. My next exhibition will be the Talents in Frankfurt, Tendence Fair at the end of August. I hope to see you there!

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