Shearers Quarters by John Wardle Architects

Architecture practice John Wardle Architects have designed a rural villa called ‘Shearers Quarters’ on a sheep farm on North Bruny Island in Tasmania, Australia.
Shearer’s Quarters is located on the site of an old shearing shed alongside a timber-clad cottage.

Some of the the buildings facades are composed of galvanised clad and corrugated iron. The villa is built on the site of the old shearing shed that was destroyed by fire, an open-plan living room and two bedrooms provide enough room to accommodate the residence houses shearers, their families, guests and friends on annual tree planting weekends and retreats. Other areas function as a bathroom and laundry and a bunkroom.

The primary internal lining is Pinus Macrocarpa sourced from many different suppliers principally as individual trees from old rural windbreaks.

The bedrooms are lined in recycled apple box crates, sourced from the many old orchards of the Huon Valley where the timber remained stacked but unused since the late 1960s.

Shearers Quarters is a winner in the villa category at the World Architecture Festival 2012.

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