Silence of the Lamps

Every single day, the fact of  “The World is changing so fast” is shifting its lane to a subsequent one. It is a time to stay calm and accept a newer truth: Nowadays, these so called unstoppable improvements are so common that even we won’t able to sense the winds of change in our hi-tech armed daily life. There is always a new featured of our cell phone, computer, car, refrigerator! We cannot decide whether is it worth it or not… And even worse, these modern times sense so normal that now we can easily call it a “Routine”

Let’s think about the ultimate benefit or the impact of these improvements -so called revolutions- in the quality of our lives… One of the views of this issue is simple: In an individual or a social perspective, the only improved rate of consuming is the sparkles and the prices! We waste more and more energy in every kind while performing any action. Maybe our biological battery run out quicker as well, or maybe, we have to venture deeper with a guidance of a new designing concept for the salvation…

This cost’n’darkness shall not be eternal …we hope

Actually this shiny one is a product of a similar concept like we told you a photo before. Signed by the Swedish design trio Form Us with Love, the Plug Lamp is developed for the Swedish lighting company Ateljé Lyktan.

It simply pictures us; the individuals that connected by the technology, that have an endless need (and maybe desire) for recharging by an other to hold on to the life itself.

By all means, it is a brilliant idea!

Sparkling warmth as it glows in your living space, thePlug Lamp reserves its own space with its 2,5 meter cable, a die-cast aluminium base with a 5 optional colors and a hand made opal glass shade lightened by its LEDs.

Before taking a look to the photographs taken by Jonas Lindsröm, let’s watch a poetic video that demonstrates the assembly and use of the Plug Lamp released by the Ateljé Lyktan.

Kaynak: Designboom

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