Smart Mug by Evita Krumina

Currently half way through doing a Masters in MA Marketing and Media at University of Derby, UK-based designer Evita Krumina is the founding mother of a temperature determining mug. The Smart Mug!

Smart Mug is a thermoelectric powered, environmentally friendly and temperature indicating mug that can easily be used for hot beverages. It does not require cord, charger or batteries as power source; it is powered by power generated from the temperature difference. It has no operating parts in direct contact with the liquid inside it, which makes the mug absolutely safe to be used even by older generations and young children. Plus, the bottom of the Smart Mug remains cool and the main structure is waterproof and dishwasher safe
With the words of the designer:
Smart Mug determines the temperature of the liquid inside the mug and indicates the right time to start enjoying your favorite beverage. Light indicators correspond to temperature levels next to them, once temperature changes and passes indicator threshold it turns on or off. There are six light indicators – indicating too high, ideal and lower temperatures.
To get more information, check her Kickstarter page here.

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