Smart Shoes: Lechal

Do you know the number of the wearable technology products around the world? It is not possible. Nearly everything we need is fullfilled by those technology products.


Never get lost thanks to the Lechal smart shoes by Ducere Technologies! The Lechal App syncs with Google Maps to allow you to navigate with ease wherever you are in the world. Lechal’s use of haptic technology allows you to interact with your feet in a whole new way.

You can control and command your new Lechal footwear with simple foot movements or gestures. In turn, your footwear will communicate with you via vibratory responses. If your left shoe vibrates, you will turn lef tor vice versa.


Lechal footwear will be very functional and comfortable for those who are not able to see but will be helpful for everyone; we, the new generation, are so concentrated on our smart phones while walking that sometimes cannot see the handicaps on te road.

Lechal shoes also informs you that how many callories that you burn while walking or running. If you forget to take your smart phone, you are warned. If you visit somewhere new, it recommends you where to visit.

Lechal shoes, pre-ordered 135 dollars, will be affordable in September.

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