Smolenka Apartment by Peter Kostelov

Russian architect Peter Kostelov has renovated an apartment as an oak capsule flat in Moscow.

Since the apartment’s long and narrow proportions and poor lighting conditions, the architect has removed the interior walls and inserted an elevated platform that would allow more light into the new living room and workspace.

The levered tube space has chamfered edges, a frame of black composite stone and dark furnishings which enhances the contrast.

Oak planks cover the all surfaces (ceiling, floor and walls) and extend to form shelves, a built-in closet and a desk at some locations.

A guest room and a dining room-balcony are located at the ends of the oak tube.

The bedroom is divided into sections which also have smooth, closed passages between ceiling, floor and walls making up shelves, closets and a bed. Both ends of the tube are also finished with stone, imitating the cut shape.

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