Soft and Inviting, “Swell” Sofa

The ‘swell’ sofa by Jonas Wagell which draws its shape from the way bread rise when in the oven creates an inviting and soft ambiance. It seems as if it will swallow when you sit down or lie. 

aol-jonas-wagell-swell-sofa-profile-02 aol-jonas-wagell-swell-sofa-back-03

Swell” sofa made from a wood and steel construction and foam filling upholstered in Gabriel Medley Textiles was designed for Normann Kopenhag .


Swell is available in 21 mottled colors. The range makes it easy to find a sofa suitable for any decor by encompassing everything from neutral grey and brownish tones to deep and tranquil shades of blue and purple as well as energetic and bright yellow, green and red and a classic black.

Title: Swell

Client: Normann Copenhagen

Size: 92x70x234 cm

Materials: Wood structure, nozag springs, polyether foam, furniture fabric

Design: Jonas Wagell

Year: 2012

Available : May 2013 

aol-jonas-wagell-swell-sofa-back-green-08 aol-jonas-wagell-swell-sofa-blue-07 aol-jonas-wagell-swell-sofa-orange-06 aol-jonas-wagell-swell-sofa-yellow-05



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