Soft Headboards

Is it possible to find thousands of headbnoards when you search on the internet. Thousands of headboard designs from the ones which are diy projects made from old windows and pallets to the ones which are created by the famous designers!

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But today, we want to introduce you a rare headboard design. “Soft Headboards” designed by Alessandra Baldereschi is a very nice, warm and attractive collection consisting of really soft headboards as its name. The collection designed by the inspiration of the antique headboards was recommented with a special washable and waterproof Lurex fabric. These headboards which are available in gold, silver, copper, black and white are cm 155 x 85 approx and can be hung by three hooks.

aol-soft-headboards-alessandra-baldereschi (3)

Imagine that there are soft, very soft arms over your head to hug you while you are sleeping… Imagine the peace…

aol-soft-headboards-alessandra-baldereschi (6)

aol-soft-headboards-alessandra-baldereschi (2)

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