Spazi di liberta My Concrete Garden Collection 2013

“Spazi di libertà” or “Spaces of Freedom” represents a new chapter in the series of My Concrete Gardencreations by Tina Rugelj, and will be exhibited again this year at Milan Design Week. New items will be on display from 9-14 April, this year for the first time at Ventura Lambrate 2013, Ventura Warehouse in MIlan – an entirely curated exhibition venue with an international mix of exciting upcoming talents.


The Collection My Concrete Garden / Salone Satellite 2012 The collection satisfies a wish to design filigree furniture with the aesthetic qualities of fibre cement. It also serves to show another side of concrete, from another point of view.The collection transforms a cold material into elegant shapes and thin objects into strong structures; and it gives a poetic dimension to a traditionally rough material.Spazi_di_Liberta_My_Concrete_Garden_Collection_2013_03 Spazi_di_Liberta_My_Concrete_Garden_Collection_2013_05 Spazi_di_Liberta_My_Concrete_Garden_Collection_2013_06 Spazi_di_Liberta_My_Concrete_Garden_Collection_2013_07

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