“Spoon” Pendant- Inspiration From Kitchen

Design, art, colour, texture, desire… Limitless creativity… Ideas that cannot be limited, silenced and exterminated… Love of creating and surprising…

It is impossible to tell the ideas of a designer and himself. The pendant light “Spoon Pendant” (similar to spoons) designed by Multipod Studio which likes surprising and indulging with its design is plain but not ordinary.

Spoon is an ethereal daisy of folded metal on a bouquet of metal stalks. This decorative pendant fixture inspired by nature has a lustrous finish accentuating the play of light.

aol-multipod-studio-spoon-pendant-02 aol-multipod-studio-spoon-pendant-01 aol-multipod-studio-spoon-pendant-04 aol-multipod-studio-spoon-pendant-05

Images: Multipod Studio

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