Spraytect – A Pepper Spray Phone Case

As you may know, we have featured a couple of self-defensing gadgets and options here in our website. When it comes to self-defense, each gadget has to be supported by having safety mechanisms, easiness of usage and maintenance. And just like Spraytect, which is a protective case for a smartphone a removable pepper spray cartridge attached to the back of the iphone case, it should be handy for being convenient and readily accessible.

Spraytect / Product Introduction / Protection Goes Mobile from Spraytect LLC on Vimeo.

As the creators of Spraytect, it is a groundbreaking personal protection device. This smartphone case with a detachable pepper spray cartridge combines convenience with security. It has also test cartridges included to practice and get a feel for the spray. Spraytect has multiple safety mechanisms that prevent accidental firing.


“With a 3-step firing process, Spraytect is simple to use even in the most stressful situations. The pepper spray cartridge slides horizontally across the back of the case, so the spray button is right where your fingers naturally land on your phone. No searching, fumbling or repositioning required.”


Designed and assembled in the United States, Spraytect cases are currently available for iPhone 4 & 4S in black, white, turquoise & pink but coming soon for other smart phones as well…
For more information:  http://spraytect.com/

AOL_Spraytect_03 AOL_Spraytect_04 AOL_Spraytect_05

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