Spruca Stove; For Those Wanting Benefits Of Stove, Not Struggle

There is a problem of the classical stove besides the numerous pleasures; chopping the wood suitable to the stove.


Michiel Martens and Roel de Boer make the  days with ax & saw vanish by designing a stove providing to be used with the wood without chopping by the aperture at the end closing around the tree, accommodating logs of different sizes.

aol-Michiel-Martens-Roel-de-Boer-spruce-stove-03 aol-Michiel-Martens-Roel-de-Boer-spruce-stove-06 aol-Michiel-Martens-Roel-de-Boer-spruce-stove-04 aol-Michiel-Martens-Roel-de-Boer-spruce-stove-05

Images: http://michielmartens.com

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