Stack by Mugi Yamamoto

As much as we would like to work without any single problem in our offices, there is always a source of distraction like a power failure, an absence of a ‘vital’ office tool, a bug in the software or an instant issue about the hardware, mostly, a paper jam!  


Young designer Mugi Yamamoto’s diploma project has designed to create a solution to this modern trouble of the mankind. Given the name as ‘Stack’, it is a compact inkjet printer, which can be placed on top of an A4 paper pile. And while it is printing, Stack moves slow by slow, downwards and actually swallows the pile until there nothing left. Basically, your used-to-be empty sheets are fed through rollers underneath the ‘Stack’ and exit on the top with marks of its hunger. Interesting…

As Architecture of Life, we are looking forward to see the new ideas of Mugi Yamamoto. Till then, our eyes will be on his homepage at


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