State of Being Imperfect

The Istanbul Design Biennial,  organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), will be held on 13 October – 12 December 2012. The first biennial exhibitions will be at Istanbul Modern and Galata Greek Primary School.


On the theme (Imperfection) Deyan Sudjic stated that there is nowhere better to explore it than in Istanbul, a city of infinite layers, charged with the vitality that comes from engaging with rapid urban, social and cultural change. The curators Emre Arolat and Joseph Grima, who will present two independent approaches by interpreting the biennial theme separately, shared details of their exhibitions ‘Musibet ‘ and ‘ Adhocracy ‘ with the press last week.

Emre Arolat aims to construct the curatorial framework of his exhibition by questioning urban and architectural design of current Istanbul under the title of ‘Musibet’. Joseph Grima determines the conceptual framework of his exhibition, as ‘Adhocracy’, the opposite of bureaucracy. Project applications for the Istanbul Design Biennial will continue until 2 June 2012.


For detailed information on application requirements please check through the link.

Universities Participations


In order to enable educational world to the organisation and to reach a content providing different angles on the main theme of the biennial,‘Imperfection’, the Istanbul Design Biennial cooperated with design, fine arts, architecture and communication departments of various universities.

You could find the Istanbul Design Biennial Pre-events below.

Istanbul Design Biennial will organise Workshops between 22 and 27 March in order to meet institutions, students, and industrial representatives together with designers in order to feature design training and make them learn from each other and interact. Max Lamb, Marc Brettilot, Luis Urculo, Anon Pairot ve Amina Agueznay will be participate the workshops as designers. After the workshops, there will be a general presentation bringing all contributors together, at Beyoğlu Youth Centre on Tuesday, 27 March.


The Istanbul Design Biennial will host last part of Gary Hustwit’s trilogy (Helvetica, Objectified), Urbanized, with the cooperation of the Istanbul Film Festival on Thursday, 5 April at Nişantaşı City’s Cinema at 19.00.

The Istanbul Design Biennial will host an important meeting on Saturday, 26 May. Nine directors from different biennial and triennials in architecture and design fields will participate to the meeting. Participation to the organisation will be free of charge and open to everybody. Other details will be announced later.

With referances from the statement of İKSV Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı, we hope that the first design biennial of our city will bring out the potential of Istanbul in terms of design.

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