Striking colours and free spirit of balloons: Ballonet Socks!

Inspired by and spawned from the striking colours and free spirit of balloons, Ballonet Socks is a brand new sock company offering unisex socks for people in pursuit of dynamism, diversity and quality.

The Brand’s first collection Curious, which consists of socks with geometric designs and intruging colours, is differentiated from other brands by its unique colour combinations and the eye-catching authenticity of designs.

The high quality yarn combination of Ballonet Socks is another fact what makes the brand special. All socks in the collection are composed of  85% Combed Cotton, 13% Polyamide and 2% Elastane.

Ballonet Socks complies with the international quality standard in textiles, the Oeko-Tex® and hence ensures a healthy and pleasant experience for fashion lovers by preserving the brightness of colours along with the softness of its texture.

Ballonet Socks is a brand considering that socks are beyond a regular wear and more of an inspiring and intriguing accessory and complementary to outfits.

In addition, you could see different socks combinations on web site. Alongside worldwide known fashion brands, the collection is currently being displayed in over 10 design shops and boutiques in Istanbul, London and Madrid.

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