Summer Love; The Most Stunning Pools

At the end, the high temperature is started to be felt, here is the summer. We started to go to the cool places as much as we can find chance, try icy recipes and feel as if we are on holiday. Because our bodies and our planet contains a lot of water, we wanted to compile and show you the best pools designed by the well-known architects thinking the importance and the love of water.

Here are the pools that we have chosen for your aesthetic pleasure.

1- The Forest House-Ramon Esteve

The Forest House(Casa El Bosque) designed by the famous architect Ramon Esteve attracts attention with its great pool as well as its strong structure. It is located in Valencia, Spain.


We highly recommend yo to watch the video of the Forest House in order to see the pool properly.


2- Rocolo’s Swimming Pool – Act Romigealli

La Piscina Del Rocolo by Act Romigealli takes its name from the interesting pool hidden under the house. It makes feel more private, calmer and more mysterious.





3- Natural Swimming Pool- Herzog & De Meuron

In regards to both form and performance, the ‘Naturbad Riehen’ designed by Herzog & DeMeuron is treated as a natural pond rather than a standard swimming pool. Its edge takes an irregular and vegetated boundary, with various methods for guests to enter the water. These include a gently sloping gravel beach, staircases, as well as wood docks allowing for a jump into the small lake!




4- Biopool- Fletcher Studio

Located on a sloping site in Zurich Switzerland, the project includes a non-chemical swimming pool. The program for the project by Fletcher Studio was to provide a garden with a swimming pool and a spa, a sundeck and a cooking area.





5- Les Bains De Géronde- NAU Architecture & Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects

The renovation of the historical outdoor pool “Les Bains de Géronde” is designed as a renaturalization of the shore and a strengthening of the connection to the lake by NAU Architecture and DGJ Architects . The level of the new swimming pools is lowered to establish a straightforward yet sensitive relationship to the water level of the Lac de Géronde, with stairs and boardwalks providing swimmers direct access to the lake. The renewed natural landscaping encompasses the swimming area, creating an idyllic setting for the bathing experience.







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