SUR YAPI has built many offices, shopping centers, houses and industrial facilities since its establishment in 1992, which lead it to be a pioneer in the sector.Now they have a new office inÜmraniye, İstanbul designed by Tago Architecture Office which also serves as an example.

The building is located onÜsküdar-Ümraniye link road and positioned on a slope which sees the highway. It serves as the publicity and sales office of the housing complex by Sur Yapı next to the office. The building, having 2182 square-meter of indoor space, will probably be transformed into the headquarters of the company in the following years.

It has three floors, two of which are below the ground. Ground floor is used as sales, management and exhibition area; first underground floor has sample apartments and the other one has technical rooms and parking area.

Geometric wooden panels covering the glass surface on southern front strengthens the perception of the building from the road; spaces on the panels improve the control of sunlight, natural lighting and noise insulation. And the space between the building’ facade and wooden panels serves as the natural ventilation and terrace. The landscape surrounding the building is also designed in line with the building.

With the consoles located on southern and western fronts, the building seems like a prismatic body lying towards the space. Natural stones, wood and glass were mainly used in the construction, making it rather attractive and characteristic.


Project Name: Sur Yapı Office Building

Architecture Office: TAGO Architecture Engineering Consulting Ind. Trade. Co. Ltd.

Architect: Gökhan Aktan Altuğ

Design Team: Mevlüt Duymaz

Müge Eker Eryayar

Müge Turgay

Landscape Design: ÇiğdemÜnal

Employer: Sur Yapı Construction Ind. Trade. Co. Ltd.

Project Location: Istanbul-Umraniye

Project Date: March– 2010

Construction Date: July– 2010

Land Area: 1139 m 2

Indoor Area: 2182 m 2

Project Type: Office Building

Construction Type: Concrete

Photos: Gürkan Akay

Prepared By Mustafa Onur Akın

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