Swirling Stools Without Wheels

A traditional dying tecnique. Art. It is normally applied to 2D objects and gives 3D affect , is very enjoable to watch-“marbling”.


“Marbling” whose origin is not clear and thought as a decoration technique of Orient quickens on a new place.


The reason of the authentic image of these stools is marbling. It is not possible to call these products as “perfect ones” because there are some smudges and wrong colour combinations. But these products have a different type of beauty- surprising outcomes, have not they?


These attractive and different products are designed by South Korean Company “Metafaux Design”

ebru-tabure-4 ebru-tabure-yapilirken-6 ebru-yapilirken-1 ebru-yapilirken-2

Photographs ©metafaux design



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