Taiwan Noodle House by Golucci International Design

Studio Golucci International Design have completed interior design for the noodle restaurant Taiwan Noodle House in Beijing, China.

The single large dining room encourages customers to socialize and enjoy a quality meal with family and friends.

The stylish and clean design done by Golucci International Design is clearly represent all of the elements of an old school noodle house, the open space, large porcelain bowls, plenty of chopsticks and the hot steam that always filled up the place.

The thousands of plates decorate the walls and creates a unique atmosphere; helping customers understand the sole purpose of this restaurant, which is all about the celebration of memories and tasty noodles.

The place is a very well mixed between contemporary design with Wegner chairs and Tom Dixon pendants on one side and traditional noodle bowls covering a full wall on the other.

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