Tamer of the Ants

It was no more than a decade that Andrey Pavlov hadn’t got any single interest in the macro photography nor the ants. As a matter of fact, this fruitful relationship has begun because of a tragic accident. After a spinal injury caused him to remain immobilized, Andrey started to examining the ants and reading books about their life and behavior. By the time passes, so much experience grew within these zoologic and sociologic effort and finally, he picked the fruits of patience in a very odd way!

As we said, by the time passes, Andrey got a vast knowledge and grew an idea about getting in touch with these fabulous earthlings. Getting experienced with their behaviors, tactics and such, Andrey wrote little scenarios for his new protagonists and used macro featured cameras for the recording device!

With enough patience and discipline, here are the Ant Stories.


The stunning fact of his art is that those creatures were absolutely alive when he took their photo! For many people, it is quite unbelievable. And -of course- there are people with some accusation that these photos are fake of photoshopped… But it is OK. At first sight, we also thought and whispered like “No way!”

Believe it or not, Andrey Pavlov’s protagonists are alive…
¿His trick? Well, we know it just a little bit… If you want to know, it’s better to can call or mail him…

His contact details are here!

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