Tear Off Wallpaper!

Applying the wallpaper will not be annoying and tiring any more!

Please tear the tears off from wallpaper. “Tears Off” is an innovative modular wallpaper.


It is created with specially designed perforation By tearing off pieces of the wallpaper you can easily create your own unique “Tears Off” wall. The colour and the texture of the wall underneath the wallpaper will be an important element with the design.

Designers:Aldo Kroese, Studio Hausen

Dimension: 1mx46,5 cm (8 modular wallpaper in a package).

znak-duvar-kagitlari-wall-papers znak-duvar-kagitlari-wall-papers-6 znak-duvar-kagitlari-wall-papers-5 znak-duvar-kagitlari-wall-papers-4 znak-duvar-kagitlari-wall-papers-3 znak-duvar-kagitlari-wall-papers-2

Images: ZNAK

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