In October 2010,TIME magazine has finished the poll for choosing the 100 mostdexterousdevice–the gadgets- which were invented or developed from the year 1923 -the beginning of their broadcasting! The magazine also created aweb-page to give a short info about all of these gadgets -we just put 50 of them. Most of the manufacturers of those are now the big-shots of the market. The best example would be theApple. But–unfortunately- there are ones with bad luck too, such as the inventorDouglas Engelbart(the developer of the computer mouse back in 1963) and recently bankrupted photo-pioneers, theKodak.

We are confident that in the list, there will be many interesting devices for you, and there should be many missing ones as well. But in TIME’s“What Do You Think?” page, there are lots of examples of those!

Theme image byCryhavok

Gadget images bywikipedia andTIME Magazine

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