Tekio by Anthony Dickens

British designer Anthony Dickens has created a swirling, modular lighting system made of bamboo and paper named ‘Tekiō’.

Tekio derives its name from the Japanese word for ‘adaptation’.

The paper is wrapped over thin bamboo ribs then creased to create concertina-like tubes.

Tekio is highly flexible and the paper sections are supported by the frame, but can easily be separated to access the choice of LED or CFL bulbs.

Dickens was inspired by traditional Japanese ‘Chochin’ paper lanterns, which have been in use since the 16th century and can still be seen hanging outside homes and shops in Japan.

The first prototype of Tekio was exhibited in London Design Festival 2011, then it was launched at Clerkenwell Design Week with an installation in the windows of the main venue, at The Farmiloe Building.

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